Wed 4 January 2006


We weren’t quite expecting this little delivery this morning…..!

Little Miss Whelan

It’s just coming up to Midnight on the 4th of January. When I got up this morning I thought I was going to be hitting the road to Mullingar.
Little did I know that one rollercoaster ambulance ride later, Little Miss was going to pop into our lives 6 weeks early. So early in fact that we haven’t got a name for her yet! The little lady was 4 lbs 14 ozs (approx 2.2kg) when she was born at 9:02am. More details tomorrow as I really have to get some sleep….it’s been an emotional, wonderful and slightly surreal day!!!

Tue 3 January 2006


For the next couple of Thursdays Anthony and Ken will play a kind of a session thingy in the Ha’penny Bridge Inn, In Temple Bar, one of the best pubs in town will host some songs, some trad and some of that thing that Ken and Anthony do so well, admission is free and sure if you’re a musician you could bring an instrument, see you there!

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